You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind.—Journal, 18 November 1857
You cannot see anything until you are clear of it.—Journal, 1 November 1858
You glide along the distant wood-side, full of joy and expectation, seeing nothing but beauty, hearing nothing but music, as free as the fox-colored sparrow . . .—Journal27 January 1858
You might say of a philosopher that he was in this world as a spectator.—Journal, 31 October 1850
You see the moonlight reflected from particular stumps in the recesses of the forest, as if she selected what to shine on.—"Night and Moonlight"
You think that I am impoverishing myself withdrawing from men, but in my solitude I have woven for myself a silken web or chrysalis, and, nymph-like, shall ere long burst forth a more perfect creature, fitted for a higher society.—Journal, 8 February 1857
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