Nature Quotations


Nature makes no noise. The howling storm, the rustling leaf, the pattering rain are no disturbance, there is an essential and unexplored harmony in them.—Journal, 18 November 1837
Not till half a mile further my doubting companion feels another on his nose also, and I get one [in] my eye, and soon after I see the countless dimples in the puddles on the ice. So measured and deliberate is Nature always.—Journal, 14 February 1859
Nature works by contraries. That which in summer was most fluid and unresting is now most solid and motionless.—Journal, 11 February 1859
How much Nature herself suffers from drought! It seems quite as much  as she can do to produce these crops.—Journal, 19 August 1851
Where is the literature which gives expression to Nature?—"Walking"
Once I was part and parcel of nature—now I am observant of her.—Journal, 2 April 1852
There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of Nature and has his sense still.—Walden 
Nature always adopts the simplest modes which will accomplish her end.—"The Dispersion of Seeds"
I make it my business to extract from nature whatever nutriment she can furnish me though at the risk of endless iteration I milk the sky & the earth.—Journal, 3 November 1853
I have a room all to myself; it is Nature.—Journal, 3 January 1853
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