Miscellaneous Quotations


How much of beauty — of color, as well as form — on shich our eyes daily rest goes unperceived by us!

Journal, 1 August 1860

Some love beauty, and some love rum.

Journal, 22 January 1859

Every landscape which is dreary enough has a certain beauty to me.

Cape Cod

The beauty of the earth answers exactly to your demand and appreciation.

Journal, 2 November 1858

Circumstances are not rigid and unyielding, but our habits are rigid.

Thoreau to H. G. O. Blake, 17 March 1848

They who are ready to go are already invited.

Journal, 2 July 1840

There are some who never do or say anything, whose life merely excites expectation. Their excellence reaches no further than a gesture or mode of carrying themselves. They are a sash dangling from the waist, or a sculptured war-club over the shoulder. They are like fine-edged tools gradually becoming rusty in a shop-window. I like as well, if not better, to see a piece of iron or steel , out of which many such tools will be made, or the bush-whack in a man’s hand.

Journal, 10 March 1859

How often are we wise as serpents without being harmless as doves!

Journal, 9 February 1851

What was enthusiasm in the young man must become temperament in the mature man.

Journal, 1 November 1851

Do not dissect a man till he is dead.

Journal, 14 September 1841

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