The Walden Woods Project Farm


The Walden Woods Project Farm is a USDA certified organic vegetable farm. Through growing and selling a range of produce like squash, eggplant, pumpkins, tomatoes and corn, The Walden Woods Project is able to use all proceeds to directly support The Walden Woods Project Farm and also fund the Project’s efforts to protect more land within historic Walden Woods.


The Walden Woods Project Farm preserves an active, highly visible, and productive agricultural landscape that serves as both a buffer and western gateway to historic Walden Woods.

The conservation of this farm by The Walden Woods Project represented a critical opportunity to prevent large-scale development so close to Fairhaven Hill, a site much-loved by Thoreau. It also protects an important piece of agricultural land that contributes to the preservation of the Walden Woods ecosystem.

Purchasing locally grown food, as opposed to food that has traveled great distances, significantly reduces the carbon footprint of what we eat. The Farm has been in continuous agricultural production since 1928 and The Walden Woods Project will carry forward its agricultural legacy, continuing an important source of locally grown produce.


The Walden Woods Project Farm is located on Route 2 east at Sudbury Road. Directions to the farm can be found here.

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