Thoreau bust sculpture – 6 inch


The Walton Ricketson portraiture bust of Henry David Thoreau is quite possibly the best sculpture ever produced of Concord’s favorite son and author of Walden. It represents a young, idealized Henry Thoreau much the way he looked when he was living at Walden Pond. When Edward Waldo Emerson saw the life-sized bust in 1898, he thought it spoke for Thoreau’s “clear eyed courage and directness, a suggestion of Nature’s ruggedness with Nature’s refinement and wholesomeness, and a hint too of the tenderness and faith that made him poet as well as naturalist.” It was, of course, sculpted by another “young friend” who was equally fond of his subject.

We are pleased to offer admirers of Henry David Thoreau this hand-crafted replica of Ricketson’s original sculpture, reproduced in exacting detail. This 5.75” statue is created using a high-grade proprietary bonded marble. While it can weather any season, these beautiful artworks are best displayed indoors where they can inspire Thoreauvians—on desks or shelves, in libraries, classrooms, or even a 10 x 15 foot house.

Similar to parian marble, the bonded marble is a blend of fine grade white marble powder and specialized marble resin which are mixed together and weighed out accordingly for each individual statue. The material as a liquid state is then hardened and within minutes is hand poured into the prepared mold. Each piece is designed and made in the U.S.A.

More about this hand-crafted sculpture: It takes one full day for the casting to fully cure. The chasing, or hand-finishing process, removes casting lines, imperfections, and any bubbles that occur during the casting process. This work is all done by hand using both sandpapers and small hand sanding tools for ease. Once perfected, the statue is hand-cleaned to remove dust, lightly polished using soft cloths to bring out the natural sparkle of the marble.

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