the Thoreau Log.
3 May 1844. Concord, Mass.

The Concord Freeman prints the following article:

Fire in the Woods.—A fire broke out in the woods near Fairhaven Pond, in this town, about ten o’clock, last Tuesday forenoon. It extended with great rapidity, and was not subdued until late in the afternoon. The extent of ground over which the fire prevailed, is variously estimated, the lowest estimate placing it at not less than 300 acres. The damage is estimated at about $2000, and falls principally upon Mr A. H. Wheeler, Mr Cyrus Hubbard, and Mr Darius Hubbard. Several other person have lost something by the disaster, but not so largely as the gentlemen named. Mr Wheeler had some sixty cords of wood which had been cut and pile, destroyed. Our citizens turned out very generally, and labored with great zeal and efficiency to stay the progress of the fire. Their labors were crowned with all the success that could have been expected, when we consider the exceeding dryness of the woods,—there having been no rain of consequence for weeks,—and the difficulties against which they had to contend. By trenching, beating the fire with pine branches, and lighting ‘back firs,’ all of which was done coolly and systematically, a large quantity of property was saved, and the fire prevented from spreading. The fire at times made a very magnificent appearance, but as it was mainly confined to the young wood, underbrush, and leaves, it could not have been see at any very great distance. Dense clouds of smoke rose at times, and gave the impression that he fire was more destructive than it really was. We were forcibly reminded of the scene in Cooper’s ‘Pioneer,’ in which a burning forest is so graphically described.

The fire, we understand, was communicated to the thoughtlessness of two of our citizens, who kindled it in a pine stump, near the Pond.

(Concord Freeman, 3 May 1844:2)

See entry 31 May 1850.

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