Skype with Us!

Let us bring Thoreau to your classroom through Skype.

Schedule a lively “Let’s Talk Thoreau” Skype in the Classroom session with Jeffrey Cramer, our own Thoreau Institute library curator and renowned Thoreau scholar. The best class on Thoreau you could ask for!  Here is some feedback from educators who’ve Skyped with us!

  • “I was so grateful to be able to bring such a scholar into my classroom. I think anyone would be hard pressed to stump Jeff on questions about Thoreau, and his expertise and passion comes through as well in this medium as it did at Walden Pond.”  –Teacher, American Literature, Carbondale High, Illinois
  • “Jeff Cramer guest lectured via Skype for my 200-level literature course: Slavery & Abolition. The students had read Thoreau’s ‘Slavery in Massachusetts,’ and Jeff helped them understand the context for this essay so much more richly than I ever could have done. He is so engaging and personable that my students felt comfortable asking questions they hadn’t even planned to ask. Jeff models the American scholar’s call of “action in the world” brilliantly. My students and I both gained so much from the experience; the students stayed after class was over to keep talking about the experience. I can’t stress enough how beneficial the hour was, how much Jeff augmented my students’ knowledge.” –Professor, Pirece College, Washington

We are also happy to connect with you via Skype to help you generate ideas for or plan a community service project to help protect your community’s “Walden.”  See our Environmental Project Planning Toolkit for more information.

Have another idea for a Skype call or Skype in the Classroom session you want us to do? Email us.