Another Productive Season at the Farm at Walden Woods

Last fall, we wrapped up our tenth season at The Farm at Walden Woods. We are grateful for our loyal customers and we saw a large increase in our customer base. For those of you who visited us for the first time-we hope to see you again when the farm stand opens in a few months!

In 2017, for the first time we sold our our own organic blueberries and strawberries. We spent several summers prepping our strawberry fields and tending to our blueberry bushes with the hope of yielding a strong enough crop for sale. We look forward to stronger yields this year. We also experimented with solarization, the process of covering a growing area with solar plastic for the entirety of the growing season. The heat and moisture beneath the plastic encourage the germination of weed seeds, however the extreme heat quickly kills off the seedlings, effectively destroying the weed potential in that growing area. We look forward to uncovering the area this year to see if the solarization process was successful.

While we enjoyed the mild weather last summer, we experienced a few weather events that left their mark on the farm. The most impactful was a micro burst of wind that blew down all of our ornamental corn. Unfortunately, very little of the corn survived and our fall backdrop was not as striking as in years past.

Last season, we continued to supply local restaurants with farm fresh produce. We have worked closely with Chef Charlie Foster at Woods Hill Table and Chef Guilherme at Papa Razzi who identified specific items they required for their menu. It is exciting to see our vegetables incorporated into their stunning dishes. This year Woods Hill Table owner Kristin Canty and  Chef Charlie Foster will be opening Adelita, a new organic Mexican restaurant in West Concord, MA. We are delighted to add Adelita to the restaurants that will use The Farm at Walden Woods produce.

Summer is around the corner! The farm stand will be open in June through the end of October-look for the “Open” flag!