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Thoreau Institute Library Building


The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods is owned and managed by the Walden Woods Project. The Institute provides the most comprehensive body of Thoreau-related material available in one place. The Thoreau Institute library (“The Henley Library”) holds more than 60,000 items that include books, manuscripts, periodicals, art, music, maps, pamphlets, correspondence, and personal histories. We are honored to be the designated repository for a number of important collections, including the extensive collections of the Thoreau Society. It is the mission of the library to collect, preserve and make available research materials relating to Thoreau, his historical context, and his contemporary relevance to human-rights and environmental issues. Our growing collection serves as a vital resource for Thoreau scholars from around the world, as well as for students and teachers locally.


I have sometimes imagined a librar, ie a collection of the works of true poets, philosophers, naturalists, etc. deposited not in a brick and marble edifice in a crowd and dusty city..but rather for away in the depths of the primitive forest.